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At the back of the north wind is a childrens book written by scottish author george macdonaldit was serialized in the childrens magazine good words for the young beginning in 1868 and was published in book form in 1871 it is a fantasy centered on a boy named diamond and his adventures with the north windat the back of the north wind is a rare wonderful gem of a book written by george macdonald it is about a boy named diamond who makes the acquaintance of an extraordinary supernatural being named north wind a lady who is evidently exactly what her name suggests full of wonder and mystery she leads diamond on a number of adventuresthe kindle edition of at the back of the north wind cuts out all but one of the nonsense poems in this book thus various places throughout the story the narrator will speak of the song as if to quote it at length and then the next words to be read are a comment on the song that has not been printeddiamond the little boy sleeps in the hayloft above the stall of diamond the horse the loft is snug but drafty and after plugging a hole in the wall one night diamond is scolded by the beautiful lady north wind for closing her window into his roomat the back of the north wind explores the place of death in our lives social injustice and our deep need for love and forgiveness c s lewis author of the classic chronicles of narnia series said of macdonald what he does best is fantasyfantasy that hovers between the allegorical and the mythopoeic

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