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Source the fao production yearbook 1998 f faos estimated value the main almond producing countries are the usa california and the countries of the mediterranean basin in europe specially spain that occupies the second place with a total 15 of the world production the main import countries are india pakistan and china along with the following onessource fao production yearbook 1998 f value estimated by the fao the main producer is china 1200000 t and spain occupies the fourth place in the world wide ranking of french bean production totalling 250000 t 86 of the production is intended for consumption in fresh 76 for the domestic market and 10 outside spain france is the main buyer followed by the netherlands and fao production yearbook 1998 rome fao 1999c status and progress in the implementation of national forest programmes outcome of a survey by fao paper presented at a side meeting of iff 4 february 2000 fao 1999d state of the worlds forests 1999 rome fao 2000a management of forest fires through the involvement of local communitiesin order to increase the production of sugar cane several steps were taken by the govt and the sugar mill association to help formers in past several reportsresearch work to increase the production were published on different process which include chemical composition as well as agricultural reformssteps to increase the recovery and age yieldthe source of these data is the fao production yearbook 1998 fao 1999b except in the case of 17 countries marked in the table with an asterisk whose land areas have been amended to reflect data recently provided to fao by these countries the forest cover figure for each country has been calibrated to the countrys land area

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